Datacenter Solutions
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Datacenter Solutions

Accumulation of large volume of data as well as the recent trends in the field of high-tech resulted in setting up data centers, which are specialized repositories that ensure fast processing and security of the mission critical information. The main advantage of using a datacenter is the maximum availability and reliability. Datacenter and data storage solutions are intended for banks and large enterprises, the successful operation of which requires complex infrastructure.

Solutions based on a unified data processing center from world leading manufacturers will result in cost reduction, provide excellent scalability, facilitate operational workflow and be easy to manage. INCRIPT offers such solutions in the following categories:

Network Infrastructure

Our company offers solutions for design and development of a robust network infrastructure that will cope with the predicted loads and provide the required quality of services. Selection of specific equipment is determined by datacenter specifics and the particular task to be solved.

Server Infrastructure

Supply and commissioning of reliable server systems is designed to improve the basic performance indicators of data centers. Our server solutions from leading manufacturers meet the highest requirements for reliability and availability of cloud computing.

Database Systems

BigData class solutions require special infrastructure to handle massive amounts of information. Our experts at INCRIPT will assist in providing storage and quick access to enterprise information


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