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Cooperation with service providers is one of the priority directions in INCRIPT operations. Over the years of successful interaction with services providers, our experts have accumulated the expertise necessary for designing and developing the concepts of building networks that meet specific requirements of telecom operators.

INCRIPT specializes in construction of the entire range of networks that meet the needs of telecom operators, from urban scale networks to transportation networks of national ISPs. Moreover, we offer services in delivery, deployment, integration, and technical support for automated operations management systems as well as software licensing.

We offer solutions that allow for introducing high added value services, thus significantly reducing implementation time and payback period.

Power Engineering

Information technology is an essential integral part of a power sector enterprise management. At the same time, availability of a telecommunication infrastructure determines the development level of modern enterprises acting in the power sector.

INCRIPT offers state-of-the-art solutions for supply and deployment of IT systems that provide operational management of technological processes and personnel at a power sector enterprise. Moreover, these IT systems ensure data exchange on the current state of junctions and assemblies in real time and provide many other functions. We pay special attention to modern SCADA systems planted at high-voltage sub-stations (of 110 and 220 кВ). These systems serve as time- and cost-effective solutions for operation and maintenance of entities involved in transmission and distribution of electrical power.


Building IT infrastructure for industrial enterprises is one of the major specializations of our company. Thanks to the established business partnerships with a number of world leading manufacturers of network and telecommunication equipment, our company offers its customers the most recent innovative technologies for modernization of the existing telecommunication infrastructure in compliance with the modern trends and tendencies.

One of the distinct features of an industrial enterprise is that besides an office part, it contains one or more workshops. These specifics should be taken into account when it comes to building IT infrastructure for an industrial enterprise. The factors that affect the choice of the appropriate IT infrastructure for such enterprises include the following:

  • Small number of ports at great extent, as well as high probability of destructive mechanical effects when it comes to network infrastructure.
  • High level of electromagnetic interference.
  • High dust level, the dust being mainly of metallic conductive nature.

The industrial sector is also distinguished by availability of additional information systems, such as automated information management, technological surveillance, speakerphone, visualization, and dispatching systems. Our experts take into consideration all the factors described above when designing and adapting IT infrastructure to the specific needs and requirements of each entity involved in the industrial sector.



Information technologies in the banking sector form one of the most promising operational directions for our company. We have made this decision based on our realization of the fact that availability of a reliable IT infrastructure is the key to success for insurance companies and banks. Today, a reliable and manageable network is fundamental for successfully carrying out baking operations. Our solutions include the possibility of stockpiling backup equipment (formation of stock reserve critical for business equipment, which must be delivered to the customer in the shortest possible time guaranteed), thus ensuring business continuity of the financial organization.

The solutions offered by INCRIPT ensure maximum return on investments from the use of modern technologies as the latter results in remarkable cost reduction and higher quality customer service, building of а unified information network that connects territorially disparate or remote sub-divisions, as well as in reduced operational risks and better risk management.


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