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12 july 2019


Since April of 2019, Incript has become an official partner of Speech Technology Center.

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With one of the largest R&D teams in the industry and more than 28 years of experience, Speech Technology Center specializes in the development of innovative technologies used for facial recognition, voice biometric identification, speech recognition and synthesis, multimodal recording as well as the development of voice and video information. Speech Technology Center’s global distribution network includes numerous resellers and partners worldwide. The company’s products are utilized by large corporations in more than 75 countries.

The company offers specialized solutions for financial, security, telecommunication companies as well as various government agencies.

19 april 2019


The construction of new education and sports complex in administrative district Avan of Yerevan is now completed. The project developed by “Gazprom Armenia” was launched back in April 2016 with financial support of Russian Gazprom.

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INCRIPT, as a subcontractor involved in the implementation of the project, has used the equipment of the world leading vendors such as APC, Belden, Bolid, HPE, Hikvision, PERCo, Rubezh, Sonar and the following works have been completed:

  • Design and installation of fiber (optical) lines;
  • Integration of judicial systems, including delivery and installation of systems of sports sound amplification and a specialized information electronic display for hockey;
  • Design and installation of structural cabling system and of the equipment of server rooms;
  • Delivery, installation and setup of the active network equipment;
  • Design, delivery and installation of access system control, including turnstiles for checkpoints. Integration of non-cash payment systems, access to personal lockers and sending SMS notifications to the parents on children’s passing to the school territory;
  • Installation of clocks within the complex with a possibility of synchronization of time;
  • Design and construction of fire and security alarm systems;
  • Design and construction of video surveilance systems;
  • Design, installation and commissioning of wireless access to WiFi networks.

The multifunctional complex, conforming to the international standards, includes a universal stadium, a school, a kindergarten, separate sport halls, education and sport centers and an underground parking lot.

The complex  is designed to receive about 2000 visitors daily.

19 March 2019


In April 2018, INCRIPT LLC has completed works on commissioning of a Structuring Cabling System (SCS) in the new HQ office of one of the largest commercial banks of Armenia – AMERIA Bank. Within the framework of the project, the company has successfully completed installation and testing of about 136 km of UTP cable (Cat 6A) of Belden brand – one of the leading manufacturers of wired and fiber optic cables for electronic, electrical and communicational markets in North America, Europe and Asia.

The Structuring Cabling System of the Bank’s “KAMAR” central branch office was implemented in accordance with the most modern standards and technical regulations applicable for the universal telecommunication infrastructure of the building, which ensure transmission of all signal types, including voice, data and video.

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25 July 2016

IBIS hotel low current systems are in progress

The cooperation within the framework of a new IBIS hotel construction project, which is part of Accor group (a French company and an operator of approximately 4 000 hotels and restaurants all around the world), is proceeding well. The new hotel is located in the very center of Yerevan and occupies a total area of around 17 500 sq. m. This hotel’s construction is one of the most important investment projects for the further development of Armenia’s touristic infrastructure.

Since April 2016 the following works are being implemented by INCRIPT based on the signed contracts:

  • structured cabling system,
  • cabling of conference halls,
  • equipment of video surveillance and security systems,
  • supply and installation of PBX and
  • supply and installation of communication and network equipment.
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For all the above-mentioned works equipment from the world-leading manufacturers, such as HP, Avaya, Hikvision and others, is used. Commissioning of the mentioned low current systems is planned to take place in September, 2016.

20 may 2016

Successful commissioning solar radiation monitoring stations

INCRIPT LLC on 04 February 2016 based on results of National Competitive Bidding (SPP-G-3/2015) was awarded by Armenia Renewable Resources and Energy Efficiency Fund (R2E2 Fund) with a contract for Procurement of 4 sets of Solar Radiation Monitoring Stations with relevant spare parts. The activity was implemented in the framework of World Bank funded “Utility Scale Solar Power Project” (Project ID: 155662).

INCRIPT LLC in close cooperation with R2E2 Fund has implemented all necessary preparatory works, including but not limited to preparation of sites (provided by the R2E2 Fund) for future installation, prefabrication of steel structures for protective fencing, ensuring 220 V AC reliable electricity supply to the sites etc.

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4 (four) sets of Solar Radiation Monitoring Stations, integrated products and solution of well-known Spanish GEONICA, first time in Armenia, have been installed and commissioned on the locations below:

  • “Yerevan Agro” - (40°11'19.5''N, 44°23'51.5''Е)
  • “Talin” - (40°23'10.6''N, 43°53'33.7''Е)
  • “Masrik” - (40°12'27.7''N, 45°45'52.3''Е)
  • “Hrazdan” - (40°30'41.9''N, 44°49'22.9''Е)

GEONICA SUITE 4K Software Package (Windows PC) was installed on the Client’s server for the storage and processing of data received from the solar radiation monitoring stations.

Power supply is provided by a solar panel and battery, designed for fully autonomous operation. Calibration certificates for the installed sensors have been handed over to R2E2 Fund.

INCRIPT has issued 2 years warranty to R2E2 Fund for all the GBSME supplied, which was confirmed by the manufacturers.

14 March 2014

Training and certification of the engineering staff on 'Certification and Troubleshooting of the AMP NETCONNECT Cable Networks'

As part of its activities on providing services for the installation and troubleshooting of structured cabling systems (SCS) in compliance with the international standards, INCRIPT puts a lot of emphasis on further professional development of its engineering staff by means of their participation in advanced trainings that include a know-how component in them. The next such an event was the training course organized for the company staff at the AMP NETCONNECT Yerevan Training Center for the period of 11-14 March 2014. The training course covered the following:

  • Requirements of the AMP NETCONNECT warranty program;
  • Content and evolution of SCS standards;
  • Study of functional parameters of the SCS components and lines;
  • Familiarity with the SCS measuring equipment and standard testing procedures;
  • Study of the typical failures in electrical and fiber-optic lines of SCS and their causes;
  • Practice in testing electrical and fiber-optic lines of SCS and detection of faults in the cabling system.
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The abovementioned 'Certification and Troubleshooting of the AMP NETCONNECT Cable Networks' training course was organized by AMP ACT II and aimed at gaining practical knowledge and acquiring skills for testing, certifying, and troubleshooting cabling systems produced by the given world leading manufacturer. The engineering staff at INCRIPT received knowledge in the following main areas:

Upon successful completion of the training course, the engineers at INCRIPT received diplomas and were qualified by TE Connectivity AMP as Certified Project Managers for SCS AMP NETCONNECT.

12 March 2014

At Mobile World Congress

The INCRIPT delegation visited the World Mobile Congress (WMC) exhibition, which took place in Barcelona on February 24-28. During the 2014 event, the WMC provided and essential insights on and showcased the current and future trends in the industry, such as:

  • mobile innovations
  • design and development of mobile applications
  • open mobile systems
  • mobile Internet
  • mobile entertainment
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For the first ten years of its existence (starting from 1994), WMC was headquartered at Palais des Festivals et des Congrès in the French city of Cannes. However, the mobile boom that caused rapid growth of the sector required expansion of the exhibition and conference areas. In 2011, the Congress featured more than 1,400 prominent executives representing mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors, and content owners from across 69 countries of the world. In 2014, the number of participants increased greatly coming up to more than two thousand. Around 140 thousand attendees, including 140 government delegations of the world states, were treated to a wealth of learning and networking opportunities; product showcases and announcements; inspiration and innovation.

In the course of business meetings and negotiations with the world manufactures of mobile devices, agreements were reached on introduction of the most up-to-date technologies to Armenia in the nearest future.

14 January 2014

The GPON network, as a technological structure, is greatly impacted by the environmental and anthropogenic factors, and therefore, is subject to constant maintenance throughout its service life. The aforementioned factors as well as the desire of operators to maintain the GPON network in a fully operational and serviceable condition to ensure uninterrupted communication via fiber-optic lines necessitate its technical support on a permanent basis.

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Beginning from 01 January 2014, INCRIPT has started offering its services to GNC-Alpha JSC on operation and maintenance of the equipment and communication lines of the network segments within its service area. The event aims at maintaining the outside plant in the serviceable condition during its service life to ensure the necessary degree of reliability of communication.

All the relevant work is carried out by the specialized emergency recovery teams at INCRIPT. The emergency recovery teams are formed by the highly skilled specialists and certified professionals of INCRIPT.

18 November 2013

On 15 November 2013 INCRIPT won the tender for the provision of structured cabling system (SCS) within the scope of the implementation of the ‘Dilijan International School of Armenia’ project.

Certified engineers at INCRIPT will promptly perform works on the provision of SCS to the five facilities of the Dilijan International School in strict compliance with the international SCS ISO/IEC 11801 Second Edition and CENELEC Standards using the most state-of-the-art equipment and materials from the world famous manufacturer AMPNETCONNECT. Upon completion of the works, our company will provide the Customer (RD Construction Management of Armenia JSC) a system warrant on SCS for 25 years.

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The company considers this project to be a ‘reputational’ one and is ready to put forth maximum efforts for a successful completion of the project, which is a unique educational endeavor not only for Armenia, but for the entire region.

07 October 2013

The ninth annual international IT exhibition DigiTech Expo was held at the Yerevan Expo Center on 4-6 October. INCRIPT presented solutions for telecom operators, medium, and large businesses based on the equipment produced by ZyXEl. We would like to remind you that starting from this year, INCRIPT is the official distributor of ZyXEL equipment to the Republic of Armenia. During the Expo, INCRIPT presented a new A10 software solution for servers within the framework of the partnership with the Russian N-Type company. To receive more information about N-Type, please visit

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01 October 2013

INCRIPT and the official representatives of ZyXEL in Kazakhstan have signed an agreement on cooperation and partnership. Now you have the possibility of ordering ZyXEL production through our company and having it delivered to you in the shortest possible time. The catalogues will be published soon.

15 September 2013

We have become the official distributor of one of the leading US companies in the field – TransitionNetworks. In the nearest future, we are planning to publish the company catalogues on our website, thus giving you the possibility of selecting and ordering the products that you need for a successful operation of your business.

15 August 2013

INCRIPT has started building a GPON network in the Nor Nork and Avan districts of Yerevan.


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