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INCRIPT has outfitted Armenia's inaugural data center with cutting-edge cable infrastructure

January 30, 2024

On January 30, 2024, INCRIPT proudly announced the successful completion of a landmark infrastructure project in partnership with CJSC "GNC-ALFA," marking a significant milestone in Armenia's technological advancement.

This pioneering initiative involved the deployment of cutting-edge cable-bearing structures and structured cabling systems (SCS) to establish the country's premier Data Center (DC). The meticulously engineered SCS serves as the backbone of a robust physical layer network, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration among diverse network devices housed within the DC. By ensuring uninterrupted connectivity between critical active equipment, including disk arrays, routers, and servers, the new infrastructure lays the foundation for enhanced data management and accessibility within the DC.

This accomplishment underscores INCRIPT's unwavering commitment to driving technological innovation and propelling Armenia towards a digital future.


The SIEMON Structured Cabling System (SCS) has been deployed at the HSBC bank branch for operational use.

November 06, 2023

INCRIPT has successfully finalized the installation and configuration of a state-of-the-art Structured Cabling System (SCS) at the HSBC bank branch located at 42/90 Paronyan Street.

This SCS project was executed to modernize and upgrade the branch's network infrastructure, aiming to enhance its overall performance and reliability. The project utilized top-tier copper (Category 6A) and optical fiber cables, alongside cutting-edge equipment sourced from Siemon, a renowned British manufacturer. The newly implemented SCS guarantees high-speed data transmission, seamless connectivity between network devices, and superior management capabilities for the branch's network infrastructure. Notably, Siemon has provided a comprehensive 25-year system warranty, underscoring the quality of INCRIPT's work.

The advantages of this innovative system are manifold, including heightened performance and reliability of the network infrastructure, improved communication quality, and enhanced data transmission efficiency. Moreover, the system seamlessly integrates with other management and accounting platforms, ensuring ease of operation. With its capability to support high data transmission speeds, leverage advanced networking technologies, and adapt to evolving needs, the deployed SCS stands as a testament to INCRIPT's commitment to technological excellence and client satisfaction.


INCRIPT has successfully implemented an Access Control and Time Attendance System

November 01, 2023

INCRIPT has successfully completed the installation and implementation of an Access Control and Time Attendance System at the facilities of "Digi Property" LLC in Yerevan and Gyumri. Within the scope of the project, over 100 Sigur E900U controllers for locks, Perco ST-01 speed gates, and Perco TTR-08A turnstiles were installed across four administrative buildings of "Digi Property," along with MIFARE card readers manufactured by ISBC. Notably, biometric fingerprint access for employees was organized at certain access points.

The system, developed and installed by INCRIPT based on Sigur technology, significantly enhanced the security level and efficiency of time attendance tracking at all "Digi Property" facilities. The integrated Sigur software package, including modules for "Time Attendance Tracking," "Data Synchronization," and "Event Response," enables real-time management of employee access, editing of work schedules, determination of employee locations, and more. Additionally, the access control system was successfully integrated with the company's Windows AD domain controller, ensuring prompt updates to employee lists and effective management.

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